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Music & Jazz

If you have a passion for modern music: pop, rock, R&B, funk, new age, soundtrack or by the different styles of Jazz, the EMB offers the possibility to immerse yourself in this music with individual or group classes, introducing the theoretical elements in a practical way with the instrument and enjoying the experience of playing with more people.  

Available instruments:

- Piano

- Singing

- Guitar

- Electric guitar

- Sax

Image by Adam Rhodes


Individual instrument classes, where the technical and expressive aspects of instrumental practice are worked on, with a modern repertoire, also including theoretical aspects in their application to the instrument.

Image by Marius Masalar

Musical theory 

Group or individual classes in modern music theory, where the basic elements of musical language, harmony, rhythm, aural training, reading and composition are explored. 

Image by freestocks

Duo / Combo

Group activity from 2 or more instruments to enjoy shared musical practice, developing a sense of rhythm, group cohesion and teamwork and active listening. 

*You can take all the subjects at the same time or just one of them. 

*Available for all levels

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