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4   years


History and values

Immerse yourself in the more than 40 years of history of L'Escola de Música de Barcelona and in its activity throughout all these years.

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The birth of a school

In 1981 the Trio de Barcelona, formed by Gerard Claret (violin), Lluís Claret (cello)   and Albert Attenelle (piano), founded the Escola de Música de Barcelona in an estate in Carrer Mallorca in the Eixample district.

A long career

Over the course of these 40 years, a large number of children and young people have passed through the School, receiving a musical training that, combining an always warm human relationship with a high level of demand, favored the progress and performance of the students.


A whole generation

Since its beginnings and throughout these 40 years, a large number of young performers have been trained in its classrooms who have subsequently developed extraordinary careers within and outside our borders. But this has not only been the aim of the School, it has also been to train children and young people who can know and enjoy music throughout their lives.

The masterclasses

One of the School's contributions has been the organization of masterclasses by great interpreters such as György Sébök, Bernard Greenhouse, Sheila Nelson and Stanislav Potchekin.


The Camps and the Course for Young People

In 1984, the Musical Camps and Music Course for Young People were created, a pioneering activity in its beginnings that has welcomed more than 1500 participants.

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The collective classes

From the beginning, group instrument lessons were held, which are still held today, as well as a large number of auditions and concerts

In this way, the students throughout their training, from the youngest to the oldest, achieve stage activity in a natural way.

Chamber music

Another of the characteristics of EscolaI and which has been a strong tradition has been promoting the practice of chamber music.


The contests

Within the framework of our pedagogical spirit over the course of 20 years, the school has organized Competitions for young piano, chamber and string soloists with the aim of promoting the young talents of our country.

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In 1999 the School was awarded the national award for Arts Education.


Commemorative video of the 40th anniversary

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